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Williamson, D.B.1994A contribution to knowledge of the desmid flora of South Africa and the adjoining states of Ciskei and SwazilandShow Detail
Williamson, D.B.1995Cosmarium phaseolus Breb. or Euastrum turneri W.West? A dichotypic desmid population from the plateau of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South AfricaShow Detail
Williamson, D.B.1995aA newly-described zygospore of Cosmarium subprotumidum Nordst. (Desmidiaceae) and a rare desmid (Cosmarium hexalobum Nordst.) from the Little Karoo, South AfricaShow Detail
Williamson, D.B.2000Some desmid floras of wet rock surfacesShow Detail
Lange-Bertalot, H. & Moser, G.1994Brachysira Monographie der Gattung: Wichtige Indikator-Species fur das Gewasser-Monitoring, und Naviculadicta nov.gen.: Ein Losungsvorschlag zu dem Problem Navicula sensu lato ohne Navicula sensu stricto.Show Detail