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Cocquyt, C. & Jahn, R.2007Surirella nyassae O. Muller, S. malombae O. Muller and S. chepurnovii Cocquyt & R. Jahn sp. nov. (Bacillariophyta) - typification and variability of three closely related East African diatoms.Show Detail
Klee, R. & Casper, S.J.1992New centric diatoms (Thalassiosirales) of Lake Malawi (formerly Lake Nyassa; Malawi, East Africa)Show Detail
Klee, R. & Schiefele, S. et al.1990Planktonic and benthic diatoms of Lake MalawiOuvrage dedie a la memoire du Professeur Henry Germain (1903 - 1989)Show Detail