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Akiyama, M.1960Notes on some morphological trends and abnormal form found in Japanese DraparnaldiopsisShow Detail
Akiyama, M.1960aNewly found localities of Draparnaldiopsis in JapanShow Detail
Akiyama, M.1961Aerial and terrestrial algae in San-in region of Honshu, JapanShow Detail
Akiyama, M.1963Notes on some newly found freshwater plankton algae from JapanShow Detail
Akiyama, M.1965Some soil algae from JapanShow Detail
Akiyama, M.1966Soil algal vegetation of y-irradiated field and natural strongly radioactive district in JapanShow Detail
Akiyama, M. & Abe, A.1968Makinoella tosaensis Okada found in Matsue, JapanShow Detail
Akiyama, M. & Hirose, H.1960A newly found terrrestial alga from Japan, Fritschiella tuberosa Iyengar.Show Detail
Akiyama, M. & Hirose, H.1967Physolinum monilia (De Wild.) Printz. A newly found subaerial algae from Japan.Show Detail
Akiyama, M. & Nishigami, K.1967Soil algal vegetation found in the newly reclaimed region of the brackish Lake Nakano-Umi.Show Detail