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Author (monographic) Komarek, J.//Ettl, H.
Title (monographic) Algologische Studien
Place of Publication Prague
Publisher's Name Verlag der Tschechoslowakischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Date of Publication 1958
Notes NB. all figures from this book have been, and remain, entered as "Komárek & Ettl 1958" but in fact the book contains 3 papers: Komárek, 1958 (blue-green algae); Ettl, 1958b (Volvophyceae); Ettl, 1958c (Chlorangiales). The taxonomy entered is identified by the name of the relevant individual author.
Keywords algae; blue-green algae; Cyanophyceae; Cyanophyta; Volvocaceae; Chlorangiales; taxonomy; errata