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Author Hayashi, H. & Yoshioka, T.
Title Phytoplankton. b. Chlorophyll a and primary production
Author (monographic) Saijo, Y.//Hayashi, H.
Title (monographic) Lake Kizaki: limnology and ecology of a japanese lake
Place of Publication Leiden
Publisher's Name Backhuys Publishers
Date of Publication 2001
Page(s) 248-253
Geographical Japan
Keywords algae; phytoplankton; productivity; lakes; chlorophyll a; photosynthesis; temperate; stratification; vertical zonation; blue-green algae; Cyanophyceae; Cyanophyta; red tides; Dinophyceae; Dinophyta; diatoms; Bacillariophyceae; Bacillariophyta