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Author (monographic) Dillard, G.E.
Title (monographic) Freshwater algae of the southeastern United States. Part 2. Chlorophyceae: Ulotrichales, Microsporales, Cylindrocapsales, Sphaeropleales, Chaetophorales, Cladophorales, Schizogoniales, Siphonales and Oedogoniales
Place of Publication Berlin
Publisher's Name Cramer
Date of Publication 1989a
Volume Bibliotheca Phycologica, Band 83
Geographical USA
Keywords algae; freshwater; Chlorophyceae; Ulotrichales; Microsporales; Cylindrocapsales; Sphaeropleales; Chaetophorales; Cladophorales; Schizogoniales; Siphonales; Oedogoniales