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Author (monographic) Barnes, R.S.K.
Title (monographic) A synoptic classification of living organisms
Place of Publication Oxford
Publisher's Name Blackwell Scientific Publications
Date of Publication 1984
Keywords Cyanobacteria; Chroococcales; Pleurocapsales; Nostocales; Stigonematales; Prochlorophyta; Dinophyta; Euglenophyta; Chrysophyta; Raphidophyceae; Bacillariophyta; diatoms; Phaeophyta; Xanthophyta; Eustigmatophyta; Haptophyta; Cryptophyceae; Chlorophyta; Chlorophyceae; Charophyceae; Ulotrichales; Chaetophorales; Cladophorales; Conjugatophyceae; Desmidiales; chytrids; Rhodophyta; Bangiophyceae; Bangiales; fungi