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Author Allorge, V. & Allorge, P.
Title Hétérocontees, Euchlorophycées et Conjuguées de Galice. I. Matériaux pour la flore des algues d"eau douce de la Péninsule Ibérique
Journal Title Revue Algologique
Date of Publication 1931
Volume 5
Issue 3-4
Page(s) 327-382
Notes i) also exists as an earlier dated reprint: C4.26(1), 1930, 1-56, pl.1-16, "Paris, Revue Algologique" from which figures were entered in original collection (Basic collection) by Prof. Fritsch without diagnoses.

ii) further taxonomic information entered in original collection (Basic collection) from the 1930 reprint by someone other than Prof. Fritsch. A second author card was made at this time which was incorrectly cited as "Allorge P. 1930"

iii) in Supplement VI a third author card was made, "Allorge V.&P. 1931", based on the journal article to clarify the author names and highlight the date difference. [The correct date to cite may be 1930]
Keywords algae; freshwater; heterokont; Conjugales; Euchlorophyceae; errata