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Author Uherkovich, G. & Rai, H.
Title Zur Kenntnis des Phytoplanktons einiger Gewässer des Staates Elfenbeinküste (Africa). I. Bouaké - Stausee. [The phytoplankton of some waters in the Ivory Coast. I. Bouaké Reservoir.]
Journal Title Archiv fur Hydrobiologie
Date of Publication 1977
Volume 81
Issue 2
Page(s) 233-258
Geographical Africa
Keywords Cyanophyta; Cyanophyceae; blue-green algae; Euglenophyta; Euglenophyceae; euglenoids; Pyrrophyta; Chlorophyta; Chlorophyceae; green algae; Conjugatophyceae; Chrysophyta; Chrysophyceae; Xanthophyta; Xanthophyceae; Bacillariophyta; Bacillariophyceae; diatoms; reservoir; phytoplankton