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Author Tsarenko, P.M., Levanets, A.A., Wasser, S.P. & Nevo, E.
Title Xanthophyta
Author (monographic) Nevo, E.//Wasser, S.P.
Title (monographic) Cyanoprocaryotes and algae of continental Israel [Biodiversity of Cyanoprocaryotes, algae and fungi of Israel]
Place of Publication Ruggell
Publisher's Name A.R.A. Gantner, Verlag K.-G.
Date of Publication 2000
Page(s) 186-191
Geographical Israel
Keywords Xanthophyta; Xanthophyceae; Mischococcales; Tribonematales ; Vaucheriales; Botrydiales; Eustigmatophyceae; new record