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Author Taft, C.E.
Title Some algae, including new species from New Mexico
Journal Title Ohio Journal of Science
Date of Publication 1947
Volume 47
Page(s) 85-87
Geographical Mexico
Keywords green algae; Chlorophyceae; Chlorophyta; Desmidiaceae; Desmidiales; Zygnemaceae; Zygnemales; Volvocaceae; Volvocales; Oocystaceae; Vaucheriaceae; Vaucheriales; Tetrasporaceae; Tetrasporales; Ulotrichaceae; Ulotrichales; Chaetophoraceae; Chaetophorales; Chrysophyta; Chrysophyceae; blue-green algae; Cyanophyta; Cyanophyceae; taxonomy; Euglenophyta; Euglenophyceae; euglenoids