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Author Shi, Z. & Wei, Y. et al.
Title A preliminary investigation on Rhodophyta, Cryptophyta, Pyrrophyta, Chrysophyta, Xanthophyta, Chloromonadophyceae and Charophyta from the Wuling Montain Region, China
Author (monographic) Shi, Z.//Wei, Y.////
Title (monographic) Compilation of reports on the survey of algal resources in south-western China
Place of Publication Beijing
Publisher's Name Science Press
Date of Publication 1994
Page(s) 210-221
Geographical China
Keywords mountains; Rhodophyta; Rhodophyceae; Cryptophyceae; Pyrrophyta; Chrysophyta; Chrysophyceae; Xanthophyceae; Xanthophyta; Chloromonadineae; Charophyta; Charophyceae